What is UTOT Atbp.?

The crude, very literal translation of the phrase is "fart and other (stuff)". For those of you who are not familiar with the Tagalog language, "utot" refers to the the act of passing gas and also stands for that odious bodily by-product that's been expelled in the process.

What does farting have to do with this blog? In this day and age, blogging a.k.a. posting, updating, sharing, etc. is just like, well -- farting! It's just something that is done on a regular basis. It is so normal that hardly anyone notices it but when they do, BAM! It can really make heads spin. One can say that blogging is "cyberfarting" -- you just have to get it out of your system. As of writing, there are around 250 million known blogs online with an exponential number of individual blog posts (probably around 2 million per day) and each are tooting away their own smell -- and in many cases, sharing what they had for lunch -- on to the rest of the World Wide Web.

The comparison doesn't end there. Blogging, just like farting, may result in other people just unable to abide by what you put out there. There are farts that are short and seemingly uninspired, most people just ignore it. Others are long and loud like obnoxious rants against the powers that be. Farts in general are funny and could be downright rib-splitting. But others are seriously ominous and forebodes of something that is not well. However which way you might choose to push out your fart or blog, you just have to do the deed.

So this blog is my "utot" to the air of the Internet cloud, as it were. It is not directed at anyone in particular, but if you do get a whiff of it, my apologies for any pungent views that may offend. However, if you find UTOT Atbp. strangely to your liking or at the very least worthy of a sigh of laughter, go ahead and tell on me to your circle of friends, "Hey, that guy just farted!"

Now, before you read the rest of this blog -- go ahead and take a deep breath.

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